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Friday, June 27, 2008

Free Translator BETA by GOOGLE

At work, I've been struggling on typing orders by showing in both English & Portuguese words, since I am working here in Angola (a Portuguese speaking country), and it has been required by Angolan Law that all final invoices, correspondences, shipping details and all documents imported by foreign suppliers, should be in Portuguese or at least with Portuguese translations.

Since the very beginning, I was introduced by one of my office mates to use this L&H Translator Pro, which you can use it without connecting to the internet (since we only had one internet connection inside our department). So I did download it unto my computer and been using it for ages, but unfortunately it is not a very good one! Mind you, I've been told that most of my Portuguese translations are so funny.

Soon after our struggles of internet connection, our department was finally considered to add more connections, which made me happy so I can translate them online instead. So I came to know this free translation online, uummm I should say that it is not 100% accurate either. I've mentioned it my co-worker sitting next to me on where to get reliable translations from English to Portuguese, he said on GOOGLE.

WHAT A BIG WOW that I've finally found it! Why not trying it yourself, you name it and you can get translations you want.

Just click the links above to see.
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