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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


When I started blogging, which is only recently, I am beginning to realize the essence or what is it on blogging that makes people become addicted to, and I am one of them. It is worth knowing the difference between blogging and email.

Both BLOGS and EMAIL are online communications tools. Some of the ways that blogs can be similar to and different from email include:

1) Both can be Web based, which means their functionality is based within a Web site and on Web pages.

2) Both usually (but not always) originate from one person.

3) E-mails are considered messages. Blog posts are considered entries on a page.

4) E-mails originate from a sender and are sent to recipient or recipients. Blog posts originate with the blogger and are "sent" to the blog and then posted on blog's Web page.

5) E-mails are generally considered private messages between the sender and recipient(s). Although blog posts can be private between the blogger and a specified group of visitors who have been granted access, they are more often public messages posted by the blogger.

6) E-mails are most often meant to be one-to-one communication unless the sender is using an e-mail list, which is the one-to-many. Blog posts are most often used for one-to-many communication, although the many can also be limited to one or to a few others.

7) E-mails are typically archived on a person's computer within his e-mail software program. If is he using Web based e-mail, then the archive exists on the Web. While blog posts are usually archived on the Web. Sometimes a blogger may archive his posts on his computer, but this is not a common practice.

Simply put, e-mail is sent to one person to to many people via the internet. A blog post is not being sent away; it is sent to a blog, appears on the blog and remains within the blog in the blogger's archive.

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