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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Top 10 Reasons Why I Blog

In my 3 weeks of blogging I have managed to determine the essence, the reasons why I stay long and carry on blogging.

I am merely expressing myself.
Second: I only realized now that publishing online is pretty much easy and quick.
Third: I am not only marketing something, my thoughts and feelings - also myself.
Fourth: I slowly establish it with myself of becoming an expert in the future.
Fifth: I learn new things everyday by conducting research and studies.
Sixth: It's not only for myself, I am building an informational resource for others.
Seventh: I do connect with like-minded people. Great!!
Eight: I am building my online community, potential of having global friends.
Ninth: I am so entertained and I entertain my readers too.
Tenth: I love it, the fact that I can share content, photographs, thoughts, ideas, and other media to all my friends and family.

I never ever learned about it until recently, and I regretted of not knowing it long before. But it's not late yet for me as beginner.
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Jerry Hart said...

Oh My God... I love your blog!
Thank you for the words you said in your profile.

I too am always in a low profile state. Now I know there are two of us on the planet.

Thank you and good luck to the love of your life after such a long journey....can't be that long. You are a young lady, right?

bye now

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