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Thursday, July 3, 2008

How I got ENGAGED - in the "Middle of Nowhere"

It is pretty much normal to most women or all "bride-to-be", that they all make their efforts to have a very unique, gorgeous and successful engagement parties. As you can see on magazines and television about engagement stories, how romantic they were, and read various stories.

Let me ask one thing? Have you ever think of taking that step "proposal" and about of having an engagement party in the middle of nowhere? This is my real life's experience here in the middle of nowhere Angola, Africa.

The pressure of actually coming up with an idea for popping the question was one of our primary concern at those times. We both even were relatively sure "we were going to say yes". However, instead of popping up the typical question "will you marry me", we both asking each other "ARE WE BOTH READY FOR A LIFETIME COMMITMENT"?, and both were in teary eyes, very romantic though. It was November of 2006 and I didn't get my ring until we went on leave together last February 2007, and we did finally announced our engagement by May 19th at the same year by throwing a party. We were blessed with a heavy rain 2 hours before the time (6-8pm), it did stop at about the right time @ half passed the 8th in the evening! WOW amazing wasn't it? Unlike so many other couple, who normally spend loads of money, invite all family & friends, having the venue decorated, you know just been like a "pre-wedding recemony" set up. But we didn't have all of these things, we just had a normal Saturday evening with our co-workers with drinks, snacks and little dancing. It wasn't really that bad and no matter how you celebrate it, the ESSENCE and the THOUGHT count the most!

Some photographs as you can see...

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