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Saturday, July 5, 2008

BLOGGER's Error when Adding Codes to your HTML

I was having problems for the past couple of days - it seemed like I couldn't change anything on my HTML codes anymore, like adding and removing codes. I WAS ALARMED! Please read error below:

We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request.

When reporting this error to Blogger Support or on the Blogger Help
Group, please:

* Describe what you were doing when you got this error.
* Provide the following error code and additional information.

Additional information
blogID: 2669582532594557726
uri: /html

It took me more than 3 hours to resolve this problem! I didn't know that this wasn't really a big deal, here's how to resolve this - as simple as this:

- Just simply go to your browser's TOOLS, click OPTIONS, go to PRIVACY - you can press CLEAR NOW and or open SHOW COOKIES and DELETE ALL COOKIES.

Happy blogging...
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