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Monday, July 7, 2008

My Personality Test - Fun!

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Hey guys, this is cool and fun! You must try this (just simply click the link above) - do you know how to test your personality straight away? Imagine all you have to do is to choose what's best describe yourself in each topic (written above each photo), and these are my answers:

Art is for me
This is how I like to enjoy music
My kind of treat
Freedom is
That's gross
Right now what I would like to be doing most
My kind of bedroom
My kind of holiday
My kind of excitement
My favorite type of landscape
My kind of drink
The best thing about friendsAnd you know what they had to say about me?
MOOD: EASY RIDER - You're romantic in your outlook and love the simplicity of nature. You can be a little nostalgic and love revisiting familiar places and memories. When it comes to art, you are passionate about history, and full of respect for the skills that have been around for centuries. Truly great art stands the test of time. As for music, it's the soundtrack to your world. An open road, your favorite tracks - just sit back put music on and relax.

You're a bit of a home bunny. You love a spot of domestic bliss, cooking dinner, chilling on the sofa - that kind of thing. For kicks, nothing beats an adrenalin rush. You like to take risks, and push limits. You're confident and brave - life is for the living. When it comes to holidays - you reckon they should always be indulgent - a very special treat and a chance to recharge your batteries in luxurious surroundings.

Simple pleasures make your day. You love relaxing, unwinding and living a pampered life. When it comes to drinking, you have a taste for the exotic. You're always up for trying the local tipple when you're on holiday - it's all about fuelling the fun! As for the home, you have an expressive personality and like to live in a space that lifts your mood.

For your friendship is all about being there for one another. You can't imagine life without your best friends. And they're the first place you go when you need some advice, or a shoulder to cry on. When you think of freedom - you think of love. The comfort of being loved in the warmth of your family lets you to be free to be yourself.

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