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Friday, July 25, 2008

Sending Shouts on DIGG - Fun!!

Last week I registered to DIGG, honestly speaking it was only out of curiosity and for the reason being that I wanted to get more traffic on my blogs! I tell you what, the moment I finished registering, I started receiving shouts from members.. and my email inbox has been incredibly busy!

For these past couple of days, I've been busy adding new friends and just keep on digging other members' stories. Until today, I said to myself "I must start sending shouts to my friends", and for the record, it took me almost a week trying to figure out how to send my shouts to ask the favor back from the favors I've been giving.

At last, I just did and started receiving loads of traffic now... This is one of the most effective ways to get more traffic. Enjoy digging stories.

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Anonymous said...

That's true. Digg and others social bookmarking good for bringing extra traffic to your site/blog. But, mostly, they are computer savvy, so it won't convert much. But as long as it's a traffic, it's good for PR.
Gud job.Live Healthy Life

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