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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Truth About Red Wine - "French Paradox "

The other night I was watching BBC Foods, which is really my favorite to watch every single night. This is where I learn new things in cooking and baking.

What a big surprise to me when the narrator started talking about the "French Paradox" (which was fresh in my ears), that drinking of red wine has been attributed with the low incidence of CHD in France. The benefit comes from both the alcohol content and the polyphenols found predominately in red wine. It combats the effect of fatty diet which results to "heart diseases", which French people are known to have.

Take note of this, as per the record - France has got one of the lowest rate of heart disease, despite of the fact that they love eating fatty foods. What is the secret? They drink lots of red wine. Now what are the benefits you could from red wine?

The cardiovascular benefits of red wine are a result of its alcohol and flavonoid content. Alcohol alone in doses of 20 to 30 gm/day can decrease CHD by 40%. The alcohol content of red wine is responsible for the effective absorption of flavonoids and tannins. Red wine also contains a large amount of folic acid, other vitamins and potassium and magnesium, which have beneficial cardiovascular effects.

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melissa said...

I dont like to drink wine.but I know guys loves wines.

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