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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Don't Loose Your Passion To Dreams

In Portuguese it says
"O sonho comanda a vida",
which means
"You dreams is your driver in life"

Keep your dreams alive and find ways to do something to make them materialize, because one or another, "Dreams command our Life".

When I was young, first thing that I ever wanted to was to reach my potential in singing. I was not a very good singer though, but I can sing I tell you, an average singer I should say. Nothing really special about my voice at all! I am a Pastor's daughter (used to be an active youth member), so I used to sing in the church as one of our church's choir members, and I can still remember how I was envious to some other members who really have a stunning voice, compared to mine... but it didn't stop me from singing. I always have the passion to dream of singing.

I may not doing any practice at all, I don't sing more often either, however, every time I tune in to music videos or cd's and hear Mariah Carey, Shaniah Twain, Beyonce, Faith Hill, Britney Spears plus among other favorite ones, THEY ALWAYS MAKE ME FEEL FRESH OF MY DREAM TO BECOME A VERY GOOD SINGER.

"Passion" for me is all about your undying dream for something that you ever wanted to do in life. Passion for something would never ever come into reality if you'll loose it. So, don't ever loose your passion to dream! Dream is our driver to achieve something in life.

I still believe that one day I can be a very good singer, who knows, not necessarily to make profit out of it, but at least to realize one of my dreams.

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