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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Love Inside Your Heart

I do believe that if you don't have any passion or love to do something or anything, you wouldn't care less of spending your time, money, thoughts and anything towards something. You know what I mean?

This could mean a lot like:
1) Enduring giving support to your family even if you have your own family already, sending your brothers & sisters to universities. Giving your support in every way as one way of saying thanks especially to your parents.
2) Having a heart of sparing money to help other people.
3) Giving donations to church where you used to attend and to your school where you spent your elementary and high school years.
4) Keep on practicing singing! Who knows maybe one day you'll become a very good singer, may not be a famous but at least to achieve something.
5) Keep cooking and baking, experimenting from cook books.
6) Explore your potential (if you see any) on designing invitations, stationaries by using your computer at home, etc...
7) Don't loose your hope of becoming a degree holder on your profession. Accounting graduate? You'll become a CPA one day, believe that.
8) You wanted to become a mother? Think positive, you will become eventually.
9) Love writing and telling stories? Try blogging and reach your potential here.
10) Want to be updated on your work daily task? Well, control yourself in blogging...

Take it easy... and that's myself who's heart has always space of everything I really love to be doing and to accomplish something in the end.

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