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Friday, August 22, 2008

Creating An Automatic Scroll Blogroll

For my past weeks of blogging, I've managed to make friends and I learned that adding links or linking to other blogs is one of the effective ways of boosting traffic! Geeezzz, what a long blog roll I have made, which I always wanted to get rid of by either adding a scroll bar on it or creating an automatic scroll blogroll. So I did search on '"how to make scrollbars in my blog roll", and one of the results is this one. I simply followed what it says, and it did work!! Have a look my new blog roll in my sidebar, the only thing is, you have to wait until you see your name or blog title as it rolls over alphabetically, but I can always change the order according to priority, random or recent.

Have you ever wanted to change yours too, like mine? Here's the simple tips to do it:

1) First you need to create a Blogrolling account, or just simply log in if you already have one.
You can see "Navigation" section at the sidebar, just click 'New Blogroll' to get one.
3) Enter your "Blogroll Name" (anything you like), and your blog URL.

4) Click 'Home' and it will show your new blogroll.

5) Click 'Add Links', and just simply enter the title of your friends' link and the URL, then
click 'Add Link' button, and add links as many as you want.
You can change your setting anytime, just go back to Navigation & click 'Preferences', and don't forget to press 'Update my Blogroll Preferences' in each category you want to change.
Now, go back 'home' and click "Get Code". Just go right at the bottom where you can see 'PHP', the code looks like this:

But you need to delete the
"_raw" and should look this this:

9) Now that you have the code, just keep it you're almost done! Just one step ahead... All you have to do is go to your 'Layout', then 'Page Element' then add another "gadget" anywhere you want to put your blogroll. Click "HTML/JavaScript" and add the code below in the box. Just replace all the
{ } with a < >. Have tried to change them here but the code disappeared for some reason.

{table border="1"}
{marquee scrolldelay="1" direction="up" onmouseover="this.stop()" width="200" onmouseout=" this.start()" scrollamount="1" height="400"}
{script language="javascript" src="ENTER YOUR BLOGROLLING PHP CODE HERE" type="text/javascript"}

10) Don't forget to change "ENTER YOUR BLOGROLLING PHP CODE HERE" with the code you generated in item 8.
11) You can play with the numbers in "height" and "width", you can change it anytime at your preference.

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