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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Have All The Good Reasons To Go Home

Exactly in a week time, my hubby and I will be out from here! Yepppeyy we're going out for a month again, at least one month break of not worrying about of getting up early every morning to come to work! We're gonna be staying at home in England for the first-two weeks to do gardening, going to Scotland sometime for two days maybe (to look around), also to visit my husband's relatives around and of course to relax and do some shopping!

The most exciting of all is going home to Philippines. The fact that I was in Manila last September & November last year (but not in Bohol), still didn't stop me of getting excited to go home. In short, I've never seen Bohol for more than a year now. My last time was sometime January last year with my hubby.
Home sweet home.

Actually, it wasn't our original plan of going to Philippines this year, only recently, until I really feel the need to see my NEPHEW for the first time (my parents' first grand child), he's as happy as ever 8 months old baby - "cheeky monkey". I wanted to hold him and play with him, not until he gets older. Am really so excited to see him. We'll be staying in our island for 7-9 days, I know this is not enough but at least than never. Have missed my mother and sisters too...

An "S26" healthy baby boy (he was 3-4 months here)
Now a "Promil" smart baby boy (he was 6-7 months here)

I know what you are going to say next, to make my own... hehehe... yes I definitely will, in due time, WISH US LUCK to have soon!

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marites1034 said...

oy, ka-cute sa baby:) btw, i've been to Bohol twice and was amazed of its rapid development. I just Bohol's beaches, makalingaw gayud.

Christine said...

hi! my son also was an s26 baby. now he's taking promil gold. makulit daw ang baby pag nabigyan nyan, sa tingin ko nga totoo. ang kulit ng 8 month ko. been to panglao beach also, much better than boracay i think. =)

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