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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Visited England for the Very First Time

It was our both plan to see my husband's family, to visit them in the UK before our 'Wedding in Mauritius', which supposed to be June last year to meet his family for the first time. Also was going to have another and proper Engagement Party then (after our Engagement in Angola), but time didn't permit me to go home with him as our company didn't manage to organize my visa to enter the UK. I know it happened for a reason, which we didn't know. All I know was, that everything will just fall into place in its proper timing! Though I was very upset, imagine of staying here alone in the middle of nowhere alone for one month!

Anyway, it was only after we got married that my application went through and absolutely fast! It only took me a week to process, for obvious reason - we've got the marriage certificate which strongly proves our relationship... WOW, wonderful wasn't it? We applied in Luanda, Angola.

At last I went to see England for the very time only last April this year! What we did was, visiting loads of interesting places around KENT (Tenterden) were my husband lives. I experienced snow for the very first time, it was my first Sunday (after 3 days we arrived), it did snow, but wasn't that thick!
Look at me, I really had to stay outside to feel it.. LOL...

..and my favorite shopping place, in Ashford still part of Kent....that cute little boy is my hubby's nephew (first grandchild on his side too)..
Then we visited the famous "BODIAM CASTLE" (located in East Sussex), the perfect example of a late medieval moated castle. In Roman times, it was a main crossing point for the road leading from Beauport near Battle to the North Kent coast. It was also used as a port from which to ship the Iron Ingots produced in nearby Sedlescombe , Staplecross and Stonegate .
First picture from left - my husband (Stuart), my mother-in-law (Trish), myself, my sister-in-law (Debbie-wife of my hubby's brother), Stuart's brother (Andrew), and my father-in-law.
"It was great despite totally unpredictable weather and days that you would think weren’t going to be good.. but then they turned out to be great!” This trend of passing storms then sun, then passing storms then sun.. Weird really, "welcome to England's weird climate" everybody was saying to me, until next time. See more pictures here.

Next: Our trip to Cornwall and in Central London....

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euthymic said...

Madz, it looks like you have married into a wonderful family. I loved the one where most of the ladies wore powder blue sweaters. i am thrilled for you. Continue to enjoy this love time you have with your husband and his family.


NYoMaN said...

from ph go to england. go BULAGA them!! =P, i still noob using tagalog =)

JazLive said...

Love the post so much, I backlinked to JazLive Visits

Congratulations on your frist grandchild :)

I am also celebrating - grandchild #3.

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