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Monday, August 18, 2008

Lovely Sunday with "Apple Crepe"

Normal on Sunday lunch time that we always have to re-heat the cooked meat from the Braai on Saturday evening! It's like a Sunday picnic lunch, with the whole bunch of mixed Nationalities (Filipinos, English, South Africans, Irish and Scottish). We just cook whatever we wanted to, and yesterday I decided to make an "Apple Crepe" as desserts. This is a caramelized thin sliced of green apples, in a melted butter and white sugar, wrapped with "crepe" made up of plain flour with eggs and fresh milk. Easy and yummy!!!

All you need - to make 8-10 servings:


1) 4 eggs 2) 1 pack (1ltr) fresh milk 3) 1/2 tsp. salt 4) 5 cups plain flour 5) 3 tbsp. melted butter

1) 10 sliced green apples
2) 4 tbsp butter
3) 1 cup white sugar
4) Lemon rind

Beat together crepe ingredients. Cover and let stand for 30 minutes. Cook in small crepe size pan (greased on both sides). Peel apples and cook until tender in large pan with caramelized sugar in a butter & the lemon rind. Place filling in center of crepe and roll into crepe shape and add some caramel outside plus strawberry and creme to garnish.

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lovely0921_ph said...

wow mukhang ang sarap! ahihi kakagutom. ;)

Random Thoughts said...

thanks madz

Yummy apple Crepe...yum-yum can i have 1 slice madz?

See you around...

euthymic said...

Madz, i finally figured out how to post the bear and the poem on my blog. thanks!!!! i love your blog. the crepe sounds yummy....

siella said...

naglaway jud ko sa imong apple crepe oi hehehe

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