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Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Adsense for Feeds

Everyone feels sad that Adsense for Referral is gonna be ending very soon!, and take note, it will end during the last week of this month! However, Google Adsense had lounch a new way of allowing us to increase the reach of our content while earning revenue. This means we can now use AdSense to place ads in our RSS feeds. Great news I should say.

It will sell cost-per-impression (CPM) ads directly to the largest advertisers, while the rest of our inventory will be filled with contextually targeted cost-per-click (CPC) and CPM ads. This means that more of our feed items will be sold and with higher overall revenue, than with any other feed network.

And here are few more reasons to try AdSense for feeds:

  • Receive higher CPMs and maintain a positive user experience by displaying ads specifically optimized for RSS feeds.
  • View detailed stats on our feed audience, distribution, and more through FeedBurner when we set up our feeds with AdSense.
  • Manage monetization for our feeds through the same account that we use to manage other AdSense properties.
When you visit the AdSense Setup tab in your account, you'll notice a new "AdSense for feeds" option. Have just done mine now, will have to wait until my ads to come through.

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asawakomahalko said...

Hi please add me i added you already...but ill transfer it to my main blogroll if i see my link here also from now i can't see _bug me when ur done...just write my url anchor text...asawakomahalko

thank you

Mariz said...

thanks for the useful info, didn't earn much from adsense referral anyway, well at least they're providing new features.

got a tag for u HERE, it's an award actually. thanks!

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