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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Family - My Inspiration

When I first arrived here in Angola (long before I met my husband), I was so focused on my plans for my family. Imagine my life as a young 21 year old woman, who managed to prove that despite of my age, I could still be responsible for myself and my to do my job as an Accounting Assistant back then. You know being away from families and friends, and being stocked in the middle of nowhere without much friends to rely on, I used to wonder and think what would have been my life of staying in this place, aside from my inspiration - which is my family.

Then one day big trials came, I didn't know I was going to bump into it, as a young woman who was feeling vulnerable with the politics between the Filipinos. Sounds familiar?, that instead of helping each other, there we were, fighting each other. What a life, and I remember I started blaming my family, crying, helpless, weak, defenseless and in danger.. and there were times that I really wanted to resign and go back to the Philippines, but I just couldn't dare to stay at home, watching my poor family.

"If it wasn't because of my family as my inspiration, and have stayed longer for years and years, I wouldn't have met my husband and would have been leaving my family still unfortunate"...

However, God is already in control of our life's journey, He knows even before we were born, what will going to happen. All we have to do is pray and pray and pray....

This is exactly what did during those times... PRAYER is so powerful I tell you, and God made me even stronger!

I am a real survivor as a breadwinner, as a fighter!!
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euthymic said...

Hi Madz, I'm very proud of you. I could just imagine a young woman in a strange country and alone, how brave you were to go for it. Plus, your simple message of faith and prayer, making all things possible....I just love your blog!

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