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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shopping at TESCO Supermarkets in UK

Anything we need to buy in terms of foods and other basic daily needs, we always go to shop in Tesco. They always try to put their prices down compared to any other supermarkets around UK. What I like to shop here especially between 7 'til 9pm is that, they cut the prices down up to 50% discount in terms of foods (fruits, meat, yoghurts, etc...) which its expiration is close to an end. Honestly, you can save a little bit of extra penny here. When you plan to cook the following day or after two days, then they would still be fine to keep. But beyond that, I don't think would be a good idea.
By the way, you can also shop online. I used to wonder why people still bother to drive to go to Tesco while you can actually shop online. The thing is, as much we love shopping online, we always rather to go, drive and shop around. Does it make sense to you? On the other hand, I asked as well that why people still have to order online while they can actually drive and go to the nearest Tesco.

Well, I have learned that, 1st - not all people in the UK have cars, 2nd - not all places there have Tesco, 3rd - they offer loads of discounted prices online, 4th - you can see loads of options which you could not see in most of their shops, and last one - you tend not to spend more especially of bringing your kids to shops, they'll spoil your budget.

Enjoy shopping, while spending less....
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