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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Have Flown from Singapore to Manila

Before, when I go on a month break at work or vacation, I used to travel to Philippines via Hongkong from Johannesburg, for a total of 13-14 hours flying time, every single year! Currently, I travel with my husband to the UK (as my contract base), so we go from Johannesburg to London-Heathrow, which we then we decided to go to Philippines to visit my family last September. We had flown by Singapore Air which is via Singapore, through online booking. It was my very first time to see their airport, and it was lovely. The only trouble that we had was, it was a very long flight. Imagine a total of 13 hours from London Heathrow to Singapore, plus another 4 hours from Singapore to Manila.

Singapore Changi Airport is a major aviation hub in Asia, particularly in the Southeast Asian region, and is the main airport in Singapore. I was so impressed really how they managed to connect their various terminals by trains, railings on sky ways. Also, beautiful trees and gardens which being taken care off well by their staffs. We took some photographs of ourselves while waiting for our flight to Manila.
We planned to go for a free three-hour city tour, but we didn't realize that we have to have at least 5 hours allowance before our next flight! Actually, we arrived at Singapore more than 5 hours before our next flight, but since we stopped for coffee (before inquiring regarding the tour), we have missed it. Never mind, better luck next time.

Please click here to read more about Singapore airport.
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