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Friday, October 24, 2008

Shopping 'til 12midnight at SM Mall of Asia!

The moment we arrived at Singapore after a 13-hour flight, I was feeling so exhausted plus I didn't manage to get some sleep since I was watching movies. We were on economy section but the movies the airlines has had to offer were absolutely good! So I ended up of staying awake most of the times, maybe only 1-2 hours sleep. As a result, I said to my hubby & myself that the moment we arrive Manila, I will be sleeping and we'll just see my sisters the following day.
We arrived between 6-7pm at the hotel (it was Saturday), I phoned them up as soon as we settled down, and apparently, they were all waiting for us to have dinner outside. Relaxed for about 30 minutes, and we didn't even bother to take shower. So we headed down to the "SM Mall of Asia". What a big surprise to me that it was a MID-NIGHT SALE until Sunday. Lucky huh I should say... imagine you can buy 2 for the price of one, and I was looking forward to it since we don't normally buy in the UK due to their prices, as in extremely expensive!! Look at the happy faces of my sisters huh...of course the big sister too.
I saw my sisters again, I was so pleased to see all of them, as well as my auntie and cousin. We had dinner and went shopping straight away! WOW!!.. shopping again after almost a year. Was funny, because I was so energetic the whole night, while I was very tired just few hours before we arrived. My hubby was just laughing at me, since he knew for the fact that I can't really resist shopping!! hehehe. He must be my husband then, hahaha!!!

We went to the men's section first for his working shorts and shirts, then he sat down after having been taken all he wanted, and its my turn...yepppeyyyyy... I told to my sisters to get 1 pair of trousers (jeans) and 2 blouses for each of them, or they can take anything they want for a total of P2k! You know, it was just amazing to see the happy faces of my sisters, it was also like a bonding time for us, though we didn't spend much time in Manila with them. It was almost 11 o'clock when everybody was finished, while my hubby was sitting looking bored and sleepy. Oh dear, poor boy... Anyway, though we were really worned-out, and had my toes hurting me much, so we had to look for sandals, only after we went to the sea side to have something to eat and drink (photo above). We stayed for about 45 minutes and headed inside the shop again to look for my sandals. Yes, we did manage.
We were back at the hotel at around 12:30 midnight!! Phew, it was after a long taxi queue... in the middle of the night, there were still hundreds of people walking around. We took shower the moment we arrived, and sleep like dead!! The following morning, we woke up at around 9am, dressed up and headed down to my hair dresser to have had my hair relaxed and apply cellophane, straight to my derma and went back to MOA again...hahaha... a never ending shopping... well we only took advantage of the cheap stuffs!!

Now, we had a problem of how to fit those in to our suitcases, the fact that we still had all the presents for people in Bohol where my parents are.
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Juliarso said...

Very nice travel story. A family gathering is always make us happy.. :)

Maus said...

hello mads
wowow nasa pinas ka!!
enjoy ur break,,,and BOHol as well hehe fav place yan ng asawa ko

kumagcow said...

Good day! :) Please visit me back! Thanks!

sama naman ako next time sa MOA hehe

Weng F. said...

ang saya naman. we always happy kung sama sama tayo with family.

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