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Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Early Christmas Present to my Sister

I have never met my American brother-in-law yet, James is his name. My sister was fortunate to have had given a chance to go to the US (as non-immigrant) with the help of her Mexican friend last February this year, whom she met when she first went to Portland late last year to work, and the reason why she had to pack up work was, she didn't manage to stand with the weather! It was December when she got there, was -15 degrees celcius as far as I can remember. She only managed to stay there for about 2 weeks.

She then met this guy, fell in love and got married! Huh? I beg your pardon? Yes, it is true! I was stunned upon realizing what she did without informing her family... I only knew that she got married after the wedding, when she sent me their photographs. After three months of staying as a non-immigrant and after several applications to change her status, she wasn't very lucky this time around, SHE HAD TO GO BACK TO THE PHILIPPINES while her husband back in the US have had applied for her spouse visa, which then after almost 6 months of waiting and staying apart, they still waiting for her interview schedule. It was originally scheduled last October, but apparently, it was changed because of the past US election, which the US government then prioritized all the immigrant applicants (so they can vote)... Now, the latest status was, it will be this early next year - February 2009!

I can imagine the emptiness they both feel inside, longing for each others' arms and wishing everyday to wake up next to each other. I have been chatting with him since then, he sounds quite a nice guy, and he tells me his life, how difficult it is now at the moment that it used to, and how he misses his wife, that if he will be given a chance to see my sister he would be very happy! I remember my sister told me that he didn't have a job for almost 3 months, I must have forgotten when I ask him "why don't you visit her to Philippines then?".. and he started telling me how that it wasn't possible due to financial problem, that he's trying to save money for both of them in February, for my sister to go back with him to the US after the interview considering she'll get her visa straight away!

I know he didn't tell me those stories for whatever personal motive he had, I can sense that he was telling me the truth without expecting anything. I tell you what, my heart cried out loud... I told him straight away, please plan for at least 2-3 weeks vacation and I will take care of your airfare!! I don't know, it was some kind of a strange, probably God would have spoken me right there. He was awfully happy and didn't stop of thanking me! All of a sudden, I know at that moment, I put smile on his face and excitement that he'll be seeing his wife soon, but a surprise visit. He wanted to surprise her, so he wasn't planning to tell my sister that he was coming home! I tried to arrange his hotel and who's going to pick him up at the airport, etc... In fact, I arranged with my sister to pick me up at the airport, without realizing that I wasn't really going home!

Anyway, he's been telling me that my sister Joy has been very sad upon knowing that they'll both spend Christmas away from each other and he couldn't stand on it! He feels sad and upset as well that he couldn't help it and make his wife happy... Therefore, he decided to tell her only today... it was also surprise isn't it of telling her that he'll be there soon... She buzzed me at YM and didn't want to stop thanking and that she's in tears of happiness. Sad isn't it, that two weeks ago you were very sad knowing that you couldn't be with your husband, and only today you learned all along??? Sadness being replaced by happiness and excitement!!

Though I could not be there to see them together, but my heart is full of happiness to imagine that I made them happy. Money is nothing when you'll know that you make their world perfect even in just a short period of time.

Advance Merry Christmas sister, I always try to help as much as I could... God is good, all the time, and all the time, God is good....
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