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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Building Bridges Instead of Walls

I am always a friend to anybody! I remember when I first arrived here in Angola, and when I became friends to almost everyone here (Filipinos, South Africans, English, Angolans) there some people who irrationally didn't like me of being that close to everybody! Is there anything wrong with that? Of which apparently, they used to make stories out of my attitude... that I was trying to seduce the men at the camp! Apart from that, there were some Filipinas who was so jealous of me having loads of supporters.

Yet, I still remain friends with everybody. Until, they decided not to speak to me, about 7 of I was under their personal politics which didn't truly bother me at all, and have soon realized that the more they saw me laughing and talking to everyone, the more they hated me until our friendship bridge collapsed. I then realized that it wasn't worth feeling down about it. I feel so sorry especially those who didn't even know me during those times (newly hired Filipinas), of what they have said about me. You know, I know you all familiar with a phrase "you can't expect your co-countrymen to be there for you"... in fact, sometimes they were the first ones to put you into the hitch. Shame, because we suppose to help each...

Anyway, to make the story short, my husband and I got transferred in another project (but same company), without realizing that we were be working with one of these Filipinas I was referring to (1 of the 7). We just stayed civil and tried to persuade her in a way that she made mistake of not knowing me first. But then, she was too high that I could hardly reach her! She never had spoken to me since, and yet I still try to become her friend... I always try building bridge between ourselves but she can't be bothered. Why?...I used to get upset every time I catch her attention but of no response, as if I don't exist. I just don't get the logic as to whether why she had to do that to me, until only recently, that I have given up! I managed to give in of my feelings (after a long time) of being so defenseless. I don't bother anymore. But I have noticed that she is trying to be friends with me now, for some reason which I don't know. Nothing wrong with that right?, and why not...

It is all about attitude, and after all, attitude is everything. This is I learned the secret of winning friends.

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