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Friday, December 26, 2008


YES, in Cuango minesite again, ever! Unfortunately, this is my husband's 10th year Christmas celebration away from family, away from home (though we've always been together but would really be nice to be in the real world, to have at least be able to feel the real spirit of the season! Mine isn't that bad, I was at home last Christmas 2005 (in Manila with my sisters) after 4 years of been stocked here (it was when we were still in Calonda).

I didn't manage to bring my camera with me, so could not attach some photographs as yet, will try this afternoon. In general was alright though we didn't stay up late, it was quite boring since the person who took over the music station decided to play boring stuffs, "soft listening" type of music, while everybody was on for dancing.

What happened? Everybody disappeared from the venue, so we did! Well, we just watched movie and woke up quite early the following morning to have organized the foods, and started my day with sparkling wine as usual.:)
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momgen said...

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chubskulit said...

I like how you astart your day, sparkling wine hehehe..

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