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Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Need Help In Getting Rid of Extra HTML Codes/Links

It has been quite a while to have noticed this extra HTML codes (my wedding blog link and delicious add me link), which I have been trying in any way I could to be able to get rid of them but found NO LUCK at all! We all aware of the two ways on adding links/codes into my blogs. First, go to HTML code on Layout/Template and add or remove any codes, in any placement you want. Second, is to add Widget/Gadget and add JAVA/HTML Code and copy code from the source and paste it to the new window.

So now, first thing I've done was to view the page source and look for the links above to know exactly where they were, but FOUND NOTHING! Would have been easier for me to just remove them straight away by viewing the HTML Codes and simply taking them out. Obviously, they didn't just appear there like magic!

If anyone of you can help me here? Have you ever encountered the same issue as this one? My blog looks as though the codes were shuffled for some reason! Now, I was considering of asking some experts out there to completely change the look of my blog..

Any suggestions guys? Would really appreciate it...
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dhemz said...

hi dangz..maybe I can look at it..just let me know! here is my emai;

Madz said...

Have managed to get rid of my delicious "follow me" icon, yes have removed the code already... but still couldn't find my wedding blog link!

sistah Dhemz, thansks for the thought of helping me.. will contact you soonest...

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