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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Second Conjoined Twin - Baby Faith Has Died Weeks After Baby Hope

I thought Baby Faith was going to survive, after her sister died following after the surgery to separate them! I was very sad when I saw it this morning on Sky News. Both parents, Laura and Alled must be very devastated of losing their second baby in the afternoon of Christmas day at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Early this month I have read and blogged about the Conjoined Twin Baby Faith Fighting for Survival, after baby Hope died shortly after they were born because her lungs were too small to sustain her breathing. They were born on November 26, joined from the breastbone to the top of the navel and had a shared liver but separate hearts, joined at the abdomen, shared a liver and and part of the intestine. The twins were delivered by caesarean section at London's University College Hospital last Wednesday with a combined weight of 4.8kg.

"Doctors had hoped to wait until the babies were older and stronger before operating. But they decided that their shared circulatory system and two separate hearts could make it risky to delay the procedure". But then because of the "sudden deterioration" of their health, they had to do it earlier.

We never know really what's going to happen, though the operation went well but they were too young, fragile, delicate and vulnerable to have had undergone such major operation! Some of us probably would have said as well, that they should have waited until they were older to separate them!

Links on these news were 2 sets of conjoined twins SEPARATED SUCCESSFULLY BY SURGEONS, one were
Regina and Renata Salinas Fierros were connected from the lower chest to the pelvis and shared a number of organs, and Kendra and Maliyah Herrin.
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