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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Britain's Perfidious Weather, Hit By Heavy Snow

When we phoned my hubby's parents last week, they said that they've been having snow (wretched) time of year, as they may say... but I like it when its cold and snowing! Pssstttt, you know if a person starts talking about the weather, then he must be English! lol:), though it is not a big deal discussing about it, but it is part of their daily lives to talk about it. Look at this photo...Anyway, here's the latest news early this morning in UK. I'd wish we were there this time around so to experience it, lol...I am just so excited to be home again soon...

"Only the hills of northern England and eastern parts of Scotland will see much snow lying on the ground later today. Elsewhere, rain will have washed the snow away." After temperatures fell to well below freezing, most places will have a "slightly less cold day" today, she said.

"Once the rain clears away eastwards it's going to be a windy mix of sunshine and showers.

"We are expecting temperatures to get up to 10C (50F) in parts of southern England. In the Midlands it could be 8-9C (46-48F) and in Scotland and northern England 6 or 7C (43-45F) is possible." Forecasters warned of difficult conditions in northern England and Scotland, with snow causing slippery roads and poor visibility.

Source: Telegraph
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