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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We Celebrated Our First Wedding Anniversary

I was too busy that I didn't manage to tell all my readers that last November 30 was our 1st wedding anniversary! Uuummm how did it feels like? Well, I had my "dysmenorrhea" (women thing) (which was a bad timing) :)... Sad to say that we didn't have an interesting celebration, unlike if we were in a real world, whom every couple would love to have a special dinner date or cook special foods with matching "candle light"! How romantic isn't it? That's all I can wish for, and hopefully next year we'll both be at home (either Philippines or in UK), to have a memorable one. Photo above, I made it myself!, as there's no way we could buy anything here in the middle of the bush! I did ask my sister back home to look and find those personalized plaques or anything with our wedding photo on it and love poems, which she did, but unfortunately, it didn't arrive on time in fact, until now the suitcase of my collegue which reported missing still hasn't arrived yet! However, its never gonna be too late right? "Better late than nothing"...
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Cecile said...

belated happy 1st wedding anniversary, dear Madz :-)

wished you guys all the best in all the years ahead!

thanks for the visit 'though you are busy, sure appreciate it a lot :-)

Dhemz said...

belated happy 1st wedding Anniv wishes....:) Don't worry may next time pa naman..hehhehe...:)

Maus said...

happy anniversarry!

bawi na lng kayo next days pag okey kana!

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