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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cheap Shopping On High Streets in the UK

"BIG NAME" STORES (high street stores) across the UK have closed due to GLOBAL CRISIS we are facing right now! Frightening really, but this is one of the things that nobody could do anything about it, except WE HAVE TO FACE IT. Businesses owners, stock holders and investors may have lost their millions and will go through tough times, and how much more these individuals who have lost their jobs, whose living and family survival have had only to rely on the jobs they have just lost and those ones as well who are about to lose!

"Imagine, about 800 Woolworths stores which employ about 27,000 staff are due to shut by 5 January".

"Five Woolworths in Northern Ireland in Armagh, Ballymena, Enniskillen, Lurgan and Newry were among 200 shutting down and putting scores of workers out of work".

Car accessories retailer Motor World - two of 95 being closed across the UK from Motor World’s chain of 237, involving the loss of 300 jobs".

These are just among big name stores that have closed in the UK, there were still masses of unmentioned small businesses! At the moment, I should say that UK is not an ideal place to live on. We all aware that this is a very expensive country! As a matter of fact, I chose to deprive myself every time we go on leave (a month off from work). When I used to spend vacations in Philippines, I have always bought new clothes, pairs of shoes, sandals, accessories, etc... Nonetheless, it is not happening anymore...

But, I have missed BIG DISCOUNTS, stuffs on BIG BIG SALE at the moment in UK. Imagine these Woolworth stores close to where we live plus other stores, this would have been my chance to enjoy shopping in UK especially this holiday season.

I would have wished to be in the real world, but could have been worse if to see people suffering. On the other hand, staying here where there's no shopping SAVES OUR BANKS AND POCKETS... :)

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Rathna said...

Yea, normally few stuff in Uk is quit costly when compared,but this recession period makes things still worse and peoples over here are really sufferring to survive along with number of layoffs and shutdowns.

Madz said...

We are actually considering of maybe settling down in my home country (Philippines), but my hubby still wanted to raise our future children in the UK though... So might be just for a couple of months until global economy recovers!

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