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Monday, December 1, 2008

Compressing and Extracting Zip Files

At work, I am the one responsible of processing all the "Pro-Forma Invoices" from various suppliers, for approval to all our department heads, then for our general manager's final approval and transmittal to our purchasing department for confirmation as to which supplier we gonna place the order. I didn't have any problem from the past, which they normally send PFI's individually, one attachment per supplier system. But they have changed their system now, they now send by bulk on zip files (20-30 pages).

I asked my boss if there's any program that I could download unto my computer to be able to extract these files. IZARC is one of the most used free archiving/compression utility. It can handle more than 40 archive file formats as well as CD/DVD images. It can protect our documents with very strong encryption so they will be always secured. It can be integrated in Windows Explorer context menu for fast file operations. It is fully Windows Vista compatible. If you have different archive files and you want to convert them in only one format IZArc can do it for you with few simple steps.

Moreover, we can also setup this program to use our preferred antivirus software to be sure that every archive we receive is virus free. If we have some broken archive, it can repair as well them so they will be used again.
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