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Monday, December 1, 2008

Everything Happens For A Reason

The whole week last week, I wasn't in the mood of writing any article on any of my blogs at all as I was so depressed, somewhat disappointed with what happened with my sister, a nursing student who's next year would be her last term. To make the story short, she ran off with her boyfriend and chose to pack up school. It's her life, was her decision not ours. We have already done everything for her, our duty only to send her and all my sisters to college.

It was quite emotional because she left with 2 pages letter, with all her dramas and she pointed out how strict my other sister is to her, which wasn't a valid reason for me. But then, it was her decision! I was going to get angry with her, but I don't want to cause more trouble, instead I am still here as their big sister, continue to support them. If after giving birth she is still willing to go back to school why not.

Anyway, like I said "everything happens for a reason"... she may have disappoint us of doing such, except that, we are happy to embrace her new life as a mum soon. We are excited to have another nephew or niece, besides, she needed to rest as well from over fatigue in her studies. We were told by her doctor that she needed it, after having been rushed to the hospital once in the past year and two times last two years ago, but she didn't want to miss any semester in school.

Now that it happened to her, having a baby gives her all the time to rest. I just hope that despite of her physical condition, she would be able to give a healthy lifestyle for her baby's safety.
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