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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why Advertise On Blogs and How Does It Work?

Before I learned about blogging and started my own, this particular phrase "making money online" has always been a big question mark at the back of my head, in fact, I used to think that it was a big scam over the internet! Moreover, I never used to think either that businesses have long been adopted on advertising their products, services, Web sites or their company itself, to be able to earn money and for publicity or exposure sake other than advertising on newspapers, on television companies, or even on air through radio stations. However, since "internet" has developed itself into a worldwide service giving free information and products exposure to readers, which indeed makes people to spend more time on the internet rather than on TV or listening to radios, and even newspapers. Therefore, advertisers are clever enough to make their moves to advertise on blogs, and bloggers are known to be "generating dedicated readers" and followers and or other bloggers that not only test out or buy a product that they recommend, but the readers too are also blogging about it. Imagine how quick a product or any websites will become popular through bloggers, while in fact bloggers worldwide connect themselves which then transfers information from one to another.

Out of curiosity how true was on making money online, I've had made some research and from there I have learned the secrets behind making money online, and right then and there I started blogging and in just a matter of weeks, I became extremely addicted on this writing "hobby" like at the beginning, until I learned how to certainly make real money out of my hobby. How did it happen? Who's giving bucks over the internet? This is from companies, entities and websites who advertise on blogs, seeking reviews from us bloggers to talk about its products, their own sites, services they offer through advertising companies (online marketplace), and one of them is Paying Post.
By registering at Paying Post, advertisers gain and generate buzz and traffic by getting their products and services in front of blogger community and their loyal readers. It also increases link popularity through bloggers who write and link their websites, which then translates into a higher and even dramatic improvements in search engine rankings, which then make their websites become popular, because the more bloggers write reviews about their products and services, the more links they could get. Bloggers are very influential, they can make or break your products or services. Therefore, getting right in front of them will make advertisers' products or services grow.

Indeed, blog advertising has now become a huge business over the internet. It has its own distinct advantage over other forms of advertising since it is more personal and niche related. You can be sure that those who will read the ads are mostly sympathetic to its message since they belong to the same line of interest. While us bloggers, take this opportunity to put a quick bucks on our pockets, just by merely talking about your products.
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chubskulit said...

hi mads, check mo lang lagi sila kasi nagbibigay naman sila lagi...

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