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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Burj Al Arab Hotel - World's Most Luxurious and Only 7-Star Hotel

How many of your guys have already been to this place? Or have been wanting to visit this place? Have you ever dreamed to go this place one day? Hubby and I would really want to only if there's someone who would be willing to give us a present, obviously we could not afford this! $2,600 at least per person a night is a bit too much really. Maybe we'll pay ourselves if we win the Euro-Million Lottery... (we're not actually playing)... THIS IS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!

BURJ AL ARAB HOTEL, Dubai, which was opened in 1999, is unofficially billed as a 7-star hotel and is the world's most luxurious and tallest hotel.

Designed to resemble a billowing sail, the hotel soars to a height of 321 metres, dominating the Dubai coastline. The hotel's own website describes it as the best in the world. With your chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, discreet in-suite check in, private reception desk on every floor and a brigade of highly trained butlers who provide around-the-clock attention, this hotel promises the finest the world has to offer.

Here are a selection of pictures to give you a taste of what you can look forward to as a guest.
Al Falak Ballroom

Al Mahara Restaurant

Royal Suite
The Lobby
The view at night, when it is surrounded by color sculptures of water and fire.
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Lanie said...

Hi Madz, thanks for the nice message you left in my blog. It melt my heart thank you for being a great friend even though we haven't met yet in person.

Just wanna ask you about this post is this one of your paid post photos. I am just curiuos about it.

Umma said...

Oh no.. I've been dreaming to go to this place actually. This is one of my 3 wishes that I posted from my previous tag hahaha.

Murag cguro kitang mga donya diha 'no? Kalami intawon ana oi! I heard Dubai is one of the shopping heaven bec they dont charge taxes?
Magluwa man siguro ang mata naku looking for the designer's bag oi!!

Lynn said...

it's my dream to see the place too, sistah and perhaps sleep there for one night. pero mahitabo ra siguro na kung librihon ko nimo. hahahaha.

taya sa ko lotto, sis. inig makadaog ko, anha ta diha. libre ta ka. LOL.

Maus said...

hi madz ganda namang ng hotel na ito!!!

Mel Alarilla said...

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Very respectfully,

Mel Alarilla of Filipinos Unite!!!

Elizabeth said...

i dream of going there too! of checking in of course! it was featured in one of the travel shows in Travel and Living channel and the hotel is just so awesome. The lights of the hotel changes come nighttime--what a sight to see when you're outside!

amiable amy said...

fabulous....i love the building designs...

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