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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Innovative Car DVD Players For Your Road Entertainment

Here at work in Angola, our company doesn't provide any accessories to cars at all! It is always like, YOU WANT IT - YOU PAY IT FROM YOUR OWN POCKET! Our General Manager just got back from his 6 weeks' holiday off (he was out for Christmas and New Year), and showed us his new bought CAR DVD PLAYER system for his Toyota Land Cruiser. He loves gadgets (don't we all?), and he always buys any new model that is currently out in the market. Obviously, he can afford anything he likes! Hubby and I were so impressed with that car DVD player, it was absolutely stunning!

Apparently, it is Audiovox Car Dual Custom Headrest System with Built-In DVD Player for Lexus LX470; Toyota Landcruiser (Stone) - 922511. One of its specs that I like with this one is its got an adjustable screens which obviously allow viewer to choose the optimum angle, with remote control, built-in dual IR transmitter, two dual-channel wireless head phone, wireless FM modulator, and a wire gamed port for gaming, etc...

Anyway, it is always nice to have selection of your favorite music playing while driving especially in long trips. Portable car DVD players also have became exceedingly popular with families with young kids, and likewise prices are crashing significantly. Having them in the mini-van, etc. are the perfect way to entertain children and adults alike on long and short road trips.
These don’t have to be mounted in the car or anything. They are sold as a self-contained unit with screen, speakers, and DVD drive all in one. Headphones are easily plugged into a jack on the unit.

Selection of car DVD players can be of your choice on monitor styles between Overhead Flip Down, Headrest style monitors, In Dash, Ceiling Mount DVD players, etc. You can find all the latest technology of various selection of car DVD players at Shop Wiki, for shoppers, this means they can find anything and everything for sale on the web - your one-stop shop and buying guide for home and road entertainment.
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Umma said...

hello sistah.. opps from 3P ba ning imoha entry ? mingaw kaayo sa ilaha kay puerteng barato man jud ang mga available nga opps no?

Lynn said...

from BV ni nga opp sistah no. wa na jud ko kadakop opp sa ila ba. wa ko nasayud man gud what time na gagawas ang bag di parehas sa una. unsang oras ba gagawas, sis? sabay ganon. LOL.

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