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Friday, January 9, 2009

The Fourth Edition Tag

Got this interesting tag again, first from Amiable Amy and second from Dhemz. Thank you for tagging me this one my dear sistahs. I am not rich in monetary value but rather I would say that, I am rich in friendship awards, and of course friends. Truly amazing how tags tell about our personalities.

The rules: Answer the following questions through google pictures and you may add some text if needed.
Here they are:

4 favorite things/foods to munch on:

4 favorite places to go. Why?

ECUADOR, South America - Darwin's salt-water lagoon and an excellent view of the lava fields, volcanic formations and the ocean.
GREAT WALL OF CHINA - I (we) long wanted to experience and enjoy the opportunity of mounting the ramparts of this ancient wonders. Bricks were produced in kilns set up the wall, and were transported by men carrying them on their backs or by donkeys, mules and even goats.
NIAGRA FALLS, Canada - this country is so blessed of having this, this is truly a magnificent God has put laid there.

VENICE, Italy - to experience this boat trips along with these stunning buildings! Hopefully this February if I could be able to get my EU visa. Plus my chance to Chelle one of my blog friends in here, and my best friend who married to a Navy American.

4 favorite shops online:

LA SENZA - a UK company where I buy my sexy lingeries.

4 things that pop up when you google my name:

For Amiable Amy, Amy -
uummm not sure what to attach here, hahaha they all funny and there's one daring pic!

For Dhemz, Demcy - its more on family pictures and some funny stuffs as well hahaha, not sure what to put.

Whew, I wish to be granted to visit these places soon! I am passing this on to the following: Umma, Lynn, Chelle, Elizabeth, Lanie, Te Mira, Te Ces, Juliana, Ruby, Rechie, Grace, Lovely, Iyrel, Rye, Kev, Lauren, Geraldine, Te Juliet, Yub-Filipina, Weng, Jonlynx, Lizzie, Mom Joy, Melissa, Mharms, and to all who'd want to share their fantacies and likes. Thanks for sharing guys...
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Rechie said...

Opps, i got tag here..this can be need to inform me about this ate Madz. I'll be grabbing this as soon as i can. Thanks ha..TC at work..Have a happy Sat.

Lanie said...

Hi Madz, salamat aning tag kuha-on nako ni either later or tomorrow nalang ha. Taga Misamis Oriental ko about 40 minutes drive from Cagayan De Oro City. ikaw asa man sa buhol inyo, nindot biya ang panglao ug chocolate hills..

Umma said...

Hello sistah.. na-a diay diri ang akon ngalan hahaha..

This is a fun tag.. hahaha I like it but I need to do some search first..will grab it very soon.

Btw sistah., asa ka man dapit sa Bohol..unsa sa man ang lami nga spot sa Bohol jud? Wala pa me naka-adto dira.

Lynn said...

elow sistah! another tag, ha. haha. will grab this soon, ok? keep them coming. :)

niwey, asa diay manggahan ninyo diri sa pinas sis?

Madz said...

Wow, all these 4 commentators I've got are all VISAYAN speaking people!! YAHHHOOOOO... go go go mga bisdak... you deserve all the tags, mwah mwah mwah wmah, and thanks for posting too...

Lynn said...

i grab na unta nako ni sis ba pero di lang ko kabalo unsa paghimo anang scroll. taas man gud kaayo if wala na. hehe. mangita sa kog mutabang nako. LOL.

happy Sunday!

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