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Friday, January 9, 2009

Testing Your Stress Levels

The patterns are used to test the level of stress a person can handle. Have seen this on Elizabeth's blog, I rather think this would help us bloggers in determining our stress levels. Perhaps we are stressing ourselves too much in taking opps as much as we could, or perhaps at work or family (like me), and kids? There are loads of things in life we are stressing about, and you'd probably thank me and Beth of posting this to stop for a while and exercise your eyes, taking a deep breath and relax. We all need it, don't we?

Now how can you determine your stress levels?

1) The slower the pictures move, the better your ability of handling stress.

2) Alleged criminals that were tested see them spinning around madly.

3) However, senior citizens and kids see them standing still.

None of these images are animated - they are perfectly still.

Now, as for myself - I CAN HANDLE STRESS BETTER since they all move slow, and I actually found them good exercise for my eyes. I feel relaxed everytime I see these... Beth, no wonder I have never closed your blog since I saw this post of yours. Thanks for sharing this sistah.

What about you guys? You can't tell me that they are not moving at all.... you don't belong to kids section anymore nor telling me you're that old like senior citizens... LOL
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irel said...

I can see it moving slowly :) very soothing in the eyes indeed! Thanks for sharing sistah

Elizabeth said...

thanks for spreading this,*wink*
no matter how "relaxed" I feel, the images just move! i'm really stressed! must do breathing exercises!!!

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