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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Shed Has Finally In Place

Like I mentioned on "Our Unfinished Garden" before, that I have been longing to have our dream garden be finalized! However, even before we could make more flower beds, we have to put up our Shed first.... and here they are, my dad-in-law and hubby were busy of it for these past two days.Imagine, they had to drive to come and help hubby. Though I couldn't really help much with this, but by making them nice dinner makes a lot for them indeed! Lol, I'm still not completely useless!!! hahahahaHere it is, almost 100% finished! Still have to install the glass window but apparently, one set was all broken so will go out today to buy the replacement. Plus we also have to secure the base by filling the gaps with cement, after that, ready to move all the gardening stuff, tools, etc...
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niko said...

am excited all the more to see that beuatiful garden mare!!! :)

Dhemz said...

wow dangz....grabi ha? homemade shed man it....very special ka jud...kay they make this for you...hehehe...sos ang reyna kay sige lang man ug pagawas sa hangin...hehehe...joke lang ha! hehehhe!

you need to invite them for dinner...woi dangz...taasa man sa imo banana no? taas pa man sya sa shed...hhehehe..basin sad dangz nga dali ra kaayo ga dako imo tiyan kay taas man diay imo banana...:)

can;t wait to see you garden soon...hehehe!

marifen said...

Hi buros, sory wla ko ka reply dayon, nag hilantan c chloe. Ka nindot sa inyo shed oi, maypa mo daku inyo garden, visit unya mi dha nimo pag mo adto mi sa brother sa ako bana dha sa kent ha? hehehehe, basin kana na naa na imo baby :)
Ay about sa imo email, na dli ko kabalo drive oi, wla man tingali ni plano ako bana tudloan ko drive. Ako baya putlan buhok ni chloe, medyo kulot man gud na bata, putol nako mga kulot na buhok niya, hehehe... Na pag nana imo baby as in tanan attention sa iya na dayon, dli na imo, hehehehe... for sure gwapa or gwapo jud na!
Pareho diay mo visa sa ako friend dha sa west sussex, she got a brit partner, tourist iya visa, she's been here for a while napud, murag mag apply sya next yr permanent stay. Naa diay number didto, yup, mas maau talk to the immigration officer kay maka advice mana sila ninyo unsa buhaton. Pag prepare lng dayon mga papers daan, keep all the letters from hospital, like xray appointments, and tell your husband to include your name on the council tax, you'll need that too, bank statements, and etc. Mas maau nang prepare naka daan :)
Chloe diay name sa ako baby, wla nako gipa butangan middle name kay ila middle name dri is second name man gud, dli pareho sa ato sa pinas. Naka choose naba mo ug name para sa inyo baby?
Adto sa ko buros, see you later :)

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