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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fashionable Curtains I Love for Our House in Laguna

A while ago, I blogged about our "Unfinised House in Laguna", the house I managed to buy when I was still working in Angola, which at the beginning it was just for investment purposes, that however my plans changed in times, and decided to extend it to another 3 meters. In the end, it is worth to have another decent sized bedroom, dining and a living room.

I tell you what, I am finally relieved from financial stress after all!, considering that the original budget was only to spend at least P180k, but in the end the total amount spent was P350k! It nearly gave me a heart attack, to be honest with you. Which means that all other plans had to be put on hold due to budget constraints.

Though it has just finished from finishing, to painting and we are now on the process of buying furniture, some appliances, bedding, curtains and the rest all other accessories needed! Whew, I didn't realize it was gonna be this expensive and stressful, but like I said it was worth all the money we'd spent.

Speaking of chic curtains I'd ever loved to have, are this photos below! I found a "bespoke" curtain supplier and she'll make these curtains for me. They are quite expensive though but nothing really makes you feel fulfilled until you get want you want, even in small things like this!

3 SETS on this for the LIVING ROOM, exactly the same color combination ( the best match best on the paint color we have)...

1 SET in each BEDROOM (3 total), but of different color combination as the 3 bedrooms are of different paint colors....
Can't really wait until I see the beauty inside! Will be blogging about this soon....
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Meryl (proud pinay) said...

ang ganda.
mukhang elegante ^_^ nice

Tita Beng said...

Very classy curtain! I love to have that design. Galing mo pumili, Madz!

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