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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Is It Complicated To Be A Parent?

I'm gonna be a parent soon, and I am extremely excited about it rather than become worried if I can do my job as a mother, if I can become a perfect for my expectant child, if I can give everything my child needs, if I'm gonna be a good teacher to my child, or if I'd be able to edify him into a healthy lifestyle. I often think what would be my parenting style? How well I would handle issues between a parent-child relationship?

Yet, I still do believe that most parents (I'm counting myself in too) do the right thing most of the time for their children. I have been hearing from my sister-in-law that she follows her instinct as a mother most of the times, though she gets protests even from her own mother! Anyway,
what's really important is that a child feels loved, secure and confident.

Even though parent child relationships or parenting may be complicated at times, they can also be very rich and rewarding relationships. Apparently, Parents Connect offers us a wide opportunity to talk to experts, share and ask opinions from diverse parents online, and ideas and tips in resolving any issues between you and your children.
Use this chance to swap parenting tips with friends and other parents.

For an insight into the responsibilities of being a parent or an explanation of some of the support available to you, visit Parents Connect now.
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