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Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Exactly One Year When We Last Visited Central LONDON!

It was April 2008 when "I First Visited England For The Very First Time", and I remember exactly the excitement I had felt as I asked everyone to visit all the places they mentioned before I got here! Imagine in just a few week visit here, we even managed to visit the CENTRAL LONDON at "London City Walk I Would Never Forget"(because of my aching feet!!!LOL) . Here are some of photos....

SPRING 2008 in Kensington Gardens
Then we headed straight to the 'Buckingham Palace' - serves as both the office and London residence of Her Majesty The Queen, as well as the administrative headquarters of the Royal Household. It is one of the few working royal palaces remaining in the world today. We also went passed the 'House of Parliaments' and the 'Big Ben' itself. AMAZING!!! Really, an ABSOLUTE BEAUTY!! We took some photographs and headed straight to the 'London Eye' direction, took some photographs down the road with its background, showing the river at the back of the 'Big Ben' and the 'House of Parliament'.
Photos at below right were at the "TOWER OF LONDON", in the rainy morning (on our 2nd day before we came back home in the afternoon)....Hubby and I will be seeing Central London again maybe in a few weeks' time for my visa application, to visit Philippine Embassy too and Angolan Embassy for hubby's working visa. But one thing I can assure you friends, I won't be posting much of photographs especially of myself as won't be posing much anymore (you'll be surprise my size compared to these ones hahahaha), so here are the photos of the places we would possibly be visiting again....

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kittykat said...

Wow..nice photos Mare Ko..waahh please still photos of you..we don't mind seeing you getting bigger and bigger everytime..hahaha..just kidding have an excuse take care and my inaanak ok..mwuah

chubskulit said...

Wow dangz, I envy you hahahhaa.. kelan kaya ako makakarating sa London lol.. Salamat for the visits and comments dnagz.. greatly appreciate it.. Can't wait to see your angel, ilang buwan pa ba?

Oiiiist ninang pala si kittykat hehehe.. Pwede ba ako na lang ang nanny hehehe..

misty said...

Okay lang yun dangz kung di ka masyadong nagbabloghop, kung ako nga na di buntis is tamad minsan lol... Ingat lagi and tell your little one inside that a lot of people are waiting for her/him..

Great pics by the way!

ryliej said...

Dangz, I am so excited for your Ultra sound result hehehe.. ano ba gusto mo, girl or boy? What if twins yan dnagz, what will you feel.. Keep us posted okay.. mwah, mwah, mwah!

Ingat lagi dangz!

Lynn said...

wow! ka nice sa mga pictures sistah. pirting pose. hehe. makaanha unta kong lugara. :)

amiable amy said...

sus, pagka gwapa ba jud oyyy...ka mga artistic man jud sa inyo pag butang sa pics oyyy...engot man jud ko hahhaa

eden said...

woww.. ka nindot sa mga pics.. nindot gyud ang London. mao gyud ni ang naa sa akong list basta maka extra lang ko ug money..hehehe..

Cookie said...

beautiful pics. this is one of my dream destinations...haaay, hanggang tingin lang sa ko, hehehe.

Umma said...

Love the pictures Dhangz.. especially the poses hahaha.. murag jud ug tinuod na turista hahaha.. super ganda man sad ang akon amiga oi! Blooming na blooming man jud ang beauty nimo Dhangz..

I missed my long hair hinuon upon seeing your long hair. Di ma nakita ang new hair do ko no? I cut my hair short Dhangz.. as in short jud kaayo..

Unsa man kay nadepressed man si lola so I wanted to change everything after my Mom passed away last month..

Musta na diha ang juntis oi! Cge ra kaon na sad? Unsa na man ang imo gi crave diha? Nag cge ka pa ba lakwatsa Dhangz? hahaha.. of course tapos na jud ang 1st trimester nimo, di ba?

Hazelicious929 said...

wow! nice photos Madz, thanks for sharing some scenes of central London

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