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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bonding with my Family in UK

Few weeks before we went home in UK, we were already told that my hubby's Dad was going to have his operation on his right arm (not entirely sure if right or left side). In any case, we didn't make any plan at all of going to anywhere around UK apart from our plan to visit my family in the Philippines, though we were not sure either if we could as well. Is short, it was depending on his Dad's condition when we get home! Anyhow, we didn't know the plan was changed until we arrived (his parents picked us up at the airport), and they both told us that his operation was moved to another month later. As usual, they were both pleased to see us again, though he had to wait for another month and would go through experiencing occasional pains. I really felt sad when I heard the news, but happy at the same because this would mean for us to have time together, going around the county or any places altogether.
We arrived on a Friday morning (which normally is unless we decide to change our flights), which we generally stay over the weekend and go to our flat by beginning of the week (either Monday or Tuesday morning). My mother in-law always prepares special English foods for us during our stay in their place, which is why I have put on so much weight! LOL, uuummm blaming my mother-in-law and her food or not doing any exercise at all! hehehe... I tell you what, every single time we come back from vacation, every one would notice that I put on weight again, and MUST BE THE ENGLISH FOODS!!

By the way, speaking about putting on weight after marriage, seriously, I have read one article about how the lifestyle of married couple changes as soon as you get married (only to those stay together). I would wish to stay single again, hehehe...

Anyway, it was nice to see my hubby's nephew Alfie as well. He has grown up a lot since last April, he is as cheeky boy as ever!...whatever he sees around, he'll try to do it himself...he is such a clever child really. So they had to buy small things for almost anything in the house, from broom, pail, hoover, brush & dustpan set, etc... as you can see, he waters the plants.

September was such a lovely time of year, Autumn and close to winter, which you begin to feel the cold puff of air. We've really had experienced a nice weather when we were there, not until the last week before we left. In some stage, we went out to buy plants for our future garden, but then we didn't have much time to finish it.

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Maus said...

i like ur travel story here
feel ko na ako yung nag tatravel hehe
hope ur really enjoy ur break with your hubby thats a really precious time for both of u being together...

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