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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Affordable High Quality Prescription Glasses @ Optical4less

When we were in the UK last September, my husband bought me a new pair of designer prescription glasses, very expensive I tell you! In fact, I only wore them for less than a week due the fact that prescription were completely wrong! What a waste of money wasn't it? I said to my husband, I would never by glasses anymore, just have to send my old ones to replace they lenses back in Philippines, at least if they'll ever be wrong again, not much to waste.

For this reason, I decided to look for an online store where I can buy cheap, good quality and a reliable company whom you could get a complete set. I have found this one - Optical4less and believe it or not, you could buy them for as low as $15 compared to the prices at your local stores elsewhere! Imagine how many pairs of glasses you could buy which actually gives you an opportunity to compliment your style and fashion. Optical4less offers its prescription eyeglasses expertise, and offers a wide selection of stylish prescription eyeglasses to choose from. No matter whether you have -28.00 sphere, +6.75 cylinder, or even prism corrections, big selections of high index lenses with remarkable craftsmanship suits all your needs. You can also choose between Plastic, Alloy, Rimless Frames, Semi-Rimless Glasses, Hingeless, Titanium Frames, Bendable Titanium, Rhinstone, Magnetic Clipon, Clip-In Sports Sunglasses, as well as Eyeglasses for Kids and Progressive Reading Glasses. Not only that, they also offer free shipping worldwide (if you order more than one pair) in a quick delivery period, you could actually get your order within a week.

Why not buying from Optical4less, one whole set quality control package (Anti-Reflective and UV Protection Coating, Anti-Scratch Hard Coating, colorful in a stylish hard case, plus free lens customizing of rimless eyeglasses, at a very reasonable prices! There have been lots and lots of happy customers that can you testimonies of what they've got.

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