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Monday, November 17, 2008

Could I Still Be Able To Recover My Wedding Blog?

I didn't forget it, I still feel sad about it! But, I can't afford to loose it, seriously!! Yesterday we phoned my hubby's parents, have asked them if possible for them to visit our flat to get all the documentations needed, scan them for me to submit to google to be able to recover my wedding blog. Lucky as I may say it, as they went to our flat just 3 days ago and decided to bring all the posts with them and sort them out at their place.

They sent the scanned copies straight away, and submitted them today. In fact, I wrote that I will be able to recover it soon, with a positive feelings. After submitting, this is what I got:

"Thank you

Thank you for submitting your verification documents. Please note that it may take up to four business days for our specialists to review these documents and your Google Checkout account. We will contact you at the conclusion of our review."....

ONLY AFTER 4 DAYS? Well, if I managed to wait for almost two weeks, then why not four days? I just hope to see it soon....

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