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Sunday, November 16, 2008

PPP Opps, At Long Last!!

I was approved on PPP about two months ago but since I've had noticed back then that all opps were mostly open to US residents, so I never got a chance to get even one, until I decided not to bother of checking anymore! I was just concentrating in writing on my own blog. Moreover, it really made me wonder also as to whether why most of my friends' blogs don't have google adsense ads? Do they make money at all, I ask myself...

Talking more about PPP, I wasn't so convinced either to earn thousands of bucks because I have noticed that every opps normally offers at $5 only.... uummm how would I make money then, I used to say... Anyway, I didn't really bother until I was chatting with Belle (thanks my friend), and she gave me all the infos about earning real money in PPP. She made me convince and believe all the possibilities.

I tell you what? I have managed to get 3 since yesterday and have written about these two opps I managed to reserve. It made my day :)... Let's see if those will be approved then.
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