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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Competitive Web Design To Drive Your Business

Opening a business would also mean creating your own website! It could mean a failure or of great success depending on how you deliver your business, either selling products or services, by way of creating a website that would drives traffic and visitors to your website. We're not just talking about a simple template here, when we say web design - combining strategy with a creative and technical approach and design.

Have you ever wondered if a web design, application and techniques would affect the performance and value of your business? The answer is big YES! Q-Industries, a web design company which
uses the power of the Web to drive your business forward, which uses and offers their expertise by way of giving you their web development services with STRATEGY, CREATIVITY and TECHNOLOGY combined. They have been developing and designing effective websites, internet applications and giving success to businesses for nearly a decade now.

Their WEB DESIGN plan gives clients the following services:

1) Strategy and Requirements
2) Information Architecture
3) Market Research and Competitive Analysis
4) Technical Evaluation and Recommendations
5) SEO - Search Engine Optimization and SEM - Search Engine Marketing
6) Email Marketing

1) Innovative Design
2) Brand Development
3) Flash Presentations
4) Multimedia Campaigns
5) Interactive Marketing and Content Development
6) Social Networking
7) Widgets and Games


1) Website Development
2) Content Management System (CMS)
3) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
4) Ecommerce
5) Custom Application Development
6) Systems Integration

Q-Industries presents you a talent pool of experienced business analysts, project managers, technical analysts, developers, information architects and designers who gained expertise doing the work instead of training for it.

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