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Monday, December 22, 2008

Being A Breadwinner Has Never Been Easy For Me

I am the eldest among 7 sisters and 1 brother, and being into that position has never been easy for me! When I first left Philippines to come and work here way back year 2001 (when I was still 22 years old), there was only one purpose I was heading for - "a greener pasture" that could somehow would answer all my questions if this was God's an answered prayers, first, to send my sisters to universities, and second to give my family a wee bit distance above the poverty line, which was only one step higher - this is what I asked for!

During my first two years of working in the middle of nowhere, working away from families and friends, was shocking, dreadful, you name it! Again with one only phrase kept on flashing on my mind - "I wasn't here for myself, I came here for my family"...

To make the story short, one day BIG TRIAL came (that was before I met my husband), I didn't know I was going to bump into it, as a young woman who was feeling vulnerable with the politics between the Filipinos. Sounds familiar?, that instead of helping each other, there we were, fighting each other. What a life, and I remember I started blaming my family, crying, helpless, weak, defenseless and in danger.. and there were times that I really wanted to resign and go back to the Philippines, but I just couldn't dare to stay at home, watching my poor family.

"If it wasn't because of my family as my inspiration, and have stayed longer for years and years, I wouldn't have met my husband and would have been leaving my family still unfortunate"...

However, God is already in control of our life's journey, He knows even before we were born, what will going to happen. All we have to do is pray and pray and pray....

This is exactly what I did during those times... PRAYER is so powerful I tell you, and God made me even stronger! I am a real survivor as a breadwinner, as a fighter!

So, this Christmas season, since "GOD IS THE REASON WHY WE CELEBRATE" - I would solely and wholeheartedly giving my BIG THANKS UP TO HIM for giving me courage and strength in order to survive in this kind of place, and to have guided my sisters in their studies and managed to finish and fulfill their dreams, to have met the man He prepared for me (my wonderful husband), to have been able to supply all the needs of my families and lastly, to have been able to bring them not only a one-step higher but loads of steps compared to what we used to.


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faye said...

keep it up and for sure theres a lot of reserved graces for you::::100 % yan sure.--

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