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Friday, December 12, 2008

Mango Plantation - Our Business In The Near Future

Neither do I nor my husband knows anything about Mango Plantation! You'd probably ask why on earth all of a sudden we became interested in making ourselves preoccupied in this very complex matter to get involve with, right?

Few months back even before we went to Philippines in September, we thought and it was just a "thought", that we might consider of buying a property (a piece of land) preferably in my province in BOHOL, not just yet of settling down there, not too soon! Then we went to the Philippines, stayed in Bohol for about 7 days, and we have had traveled backwards and forwards around the place, from right there "we have marked our new beginning, future life in Bohol". My husband likes my place so much, he's not being biased here does he?

Though we did not push to find and buy straight away, we asked my father to extend his radar if in case he could hear any decent size piece of plot, preferably a commercial lot (with mango trees or coconut or rice fields, etc) so we could earn while waiting for the right time to build our dream house in Bohol.

Without stressing ourselves out, opportunity knocks only once... what a lucky day, we said! My father contacted me straight when his cousin contacted him to advise us if we were interested to buy a "2.8 hectares with 250 mango trees (which they had their 1st fruit season early this year), with rice fields, plus a decent size 2 bedroom concrete house - for only P1.5M. Roughly +-$32,000, which gives us the price of P54 per square meter ($1.14), not including mango trees, house and rice fields...."!
JACKPOT!! So I asked my father to go and visit the place straight away, to talk to the owner, take photographs and make a deal. We know it was cheap, but then we tried if the owner was willing to reduce the offered price, which in the end she did not!

It was alright, the "Deed of Sale" has already been processed and as soon as all the legalities will be finished and finalized, also the money we have transferred, that will be ours soon...:) Exciting isnt' it?

The only thing we are anxious about is, who's gonna look after and manage the place? Are we capable of managing a million peso business, which also involves a million dollar efforts, time and money...

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chubskulit said...

Wow, that's great! Love mangoes... Goodluck sis in your business ventures...

Shawie said...

wow! that's really a jackpot, Madz! amazingly cheap for a property in Bohol...
anyways,i'll add your blogs hopefully tonight:) I haven't done anything on my blog for quiet a while and it needs to be updated...
happy holidays & good luck to your new business,naa pa lain na baligya dira, lol!

corners74 said...

Hi Madz,

Wow, that's so exciting... and good luck!!!

BTW I've just started my own blog:

Have a great xmas and all the best to you both,

Cornelia xx

Dhemz said...

wowwe! dato-a nimo dangs uy...heheh..that is fantastic! well, good luck sure you will get profit from it! you go girl!...heheehe..nice place too!

maria said...

hi madz! thank you for adding me here. i will also add your three blogs.

have a great week ahead

siella said...

i like the place, very solemn and peaceful, and mango is my favorite fruit! congratz on your new business my friend, and best of luck, suroy ko didto ha hehehe

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