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Friday, December 12, 2008

Online Shopping As Christmas Present For Myself

.....Another Christmas in the middle of nowhere!.....

Sounds pathetic, sad.... huhuhu... Yet, needless to say that we still regard ourselves as lucky (as we work together) compared to the rest of the expats here, whom they work away from their wives and children.

I have been telling everyone that we are in the "bush", "middle of nowhere" - without shopping malls, no cinemas, no beaches, no markets! However, we all been used to live with it "contentedly and cheerfully"! Why if nothing is in there? All because we do not do anything except to wake up in the morning, take shower and go to work!! EASY LIFE.... You can read our stories here, and here, and here, and here, and here lol:)...

Anyway, shopping is always the first thing comes to our mind when special celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, chistening, etc) or any major occasion like "Christmas" comes! Sad to say that I had to do mine, ours online. When we were in UK last September, my husband bought my Christmas present already, its a TAG HEUER two-tone watch and have been wearing it since we came back here. I didn't manage to wait til Chistmas.... :) Besides, I have already given my present for him, latest PC Games (5) with Joystick since he likes playing computer games, this was through our South African friend who went on vacation last month.

So, I browsed on EBay, and have had found gorgeous things I would have asked my husband to buy for me if we were at home. They were shipped to the Philippines, did arrive safely, and asked one of my colleagues to bring with him who arrived just this past week! I found this Australian company called Pink Beauty, not so expensive though.

You know what are those? You need to open that box They are FASHION JEWELRIES... I love fashion, wearing different styles everyday at work is my great passion. I don't buy expensive ones, I'd rather have 10 than 1... You know what I mean? I am like a little child sometimes :)

I bought 3 earings, 3 necklaces, and 1 bracelet, plenty huh! Look at them.... big thanks to my Santa Claus!! They are gorgeous, aren't they?


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