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Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Day Festivity in the Bush

I was glad to have decided to stay up late at the Filipino area on New Year's Eve, imagine we finished at 2:30am and obviously I didn't manage to wake up early the following day. First, we made them feel happy to have shown our faces in that time of the evening (we had "karaoke" using magic microphone); second, I didn't have to start the day slicing all the spices, meat and vegetables, to run backwards and forwards to cook for everybody (like what happened last Christmas), otherwise, I would have been miserable as ever again! :), instead of enjoying the holiday and relax.
This cute dog - Chanelle celebrated with us too, she was banned of sniffing and picking foods from the bin since she was having an upset stomach the day before! So she had to stay with us...I was giving her a New Year kiss..:) Insn't she gorgeous?

I woke up 11:30am, just close to lunch time.. hahaha... Yes! I am mischievous sometimes... Had my shower, took photos of myself again afterwards, lol... uummm I had nothing to do!... then headed straight to our tent, it was eating time already. Our South African friend made a "Prawn/Fish and Pineapply Curry" served with choice of rice and garlic/chili-cheese bread. It was absolutely yummy!!!... hubby had 2 plates, and I some as well..
More photos...Our half day was just totally revolving at the swimming pool, visiting the Filipinos, and had some sparkling wine again, I love it... Before we got to leave the place, I decided to make TEMPURA since we've had loads of prawns left from the morning's cooking!

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