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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One Of My Posts Has Always Been On The First Page of Google

What a surprise to have been receiving comments from this particular post of mine - "HINGOTANAN Island Bohol, My Home Sweet Home", to have always been on the top 5 of Google's first page when they type in Hingotanan Island Bohol or Hingotanan Bohol or Hingotanan Island Philippines!

What is special about this island then?, and why do they bother to search about this place? Is there any interesting story behind this poor island?

Apparently, this is the ONLY ISLAND in BOHOL who offers High School Education (where obviously I graduated from and the rest of my family), a public school maintained by our Local Government. The heart of all the islands around... It has been producing competent, naturally intelligent and proficient professionals who are now working in competent companies anywhere around the world, where they have found their future.

Well, anywhere in the Philippines have produced quite a lot of professionals too, which a lot of local towns' breed are being proud of, now what are you talking about Madz? You'd perhaps ask me, what's your point of emphasizing this?

First point: People in the islands or any rural areas are always less fortunate compared to those who's parents do have everything to provide to their kids.

Second point
: Rich kids always go to reputable schools and regarded to be very advanced in education levels, compared to public schools especially
islands like ours to have always been the last priority around Bohol! Educational materials? NEXT TO NOTHING! Any computer for hands on or library to make some research for added learning? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

Don't get me wrong here, but they are relatively and undeniably correct, they are facts not just hearsays! Or I might rather be biased here somewhere along the line, but I am talking about HINGOTANAN PEOPLE as a whole!!

I tell another thing, not a lot of people in our island are fortunate enough to continue their university, but if given a chance, THEY TRULY EXCEL!

That despite of hindrances due to financial problems (might be health deficiencies), they or we have always strived hard to have achieved of what and where they are right now! We are proud to be an Islander, truly to be a product of Hingotanan Island School, and proud to be from HINGOTANAN - A PLACE WHICH NEVER BE FORGOTTEN BY ALL WHO ARE NOW RESIDING OR WORKING EVERYWHERE!

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chubskulit said...

I a proud of you sis kasi di mo pa rin nakakalimutan ang pningagalingan mo..

by the way if you have time please drop by, just need your honest opinion about this thanks a lot!

Bhing said...

I should say that Philippines has a lot of beauty to be proud of most especially in terms of nature.. Marami tayong pwede maipagmalaki, kaya as a Filipino, I am proud to be one! :)

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