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Friday, October 31, 2008

Our Wonderful Experience in HINGOTANAN ISLAND

Just few days before we flew to Manila, were told that it was been raining a lot and could be have been even worst in Bohol (the province where I come from)! But I tell you what, the day we got there, the weather was perfect, in fact, it was quite warn and humid.. Well, lucky huh! Though weather is so unpredictable. We had lots of fun. We went fishing and we used a proper fishing rod this time, not the ones island people are normally using; and take note, we used big artificial baits for small fish! We had a laugh really... admirably contented though we didn't catch at all! Other than anything else, it was such a pretty sunny day and because of too much excitement to have gone fishing at last, none of us had ever remembered to grab the sun protection. So what happened? After 3 days he was like a snake changing off skin hehehe...
Seeing my nephew for the first time

One of the most exciting things I did enjoy was to see my nephew BRENTT (1st grandchild of my parents), IN PERSON for the very first time. He is such a lovely and cheerful boy! My hubby and I were so impressed by way that he learns new things so quickly! I have thought him couple of simple things and he did it every time I asked him to do it, considering of his early age. He was only 9 months back then. He knew where to find the lizards, when you ask him where they are?, and he didn't want to use his bottle to drink water, he wanted cold water in a glass and he didn't want you to hold it either. He's a very independent little boy, and he likes SWEET MANGOES a lot!

We bought him a small guitar when we went around Bohol, thought he would have liked it! We were all stunned for the fact that he knew how to hold it properly!!,, and even his mother was amazed, so that would mean that neither his mother nor his father had ever taught him how to do it! He probably would have seen it and have registered it on his mind! _______________________________________________
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Pinay WAHM said...

Looks like you had the greatest time there.

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